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Senior Wealth Manager

Five Star Wealth Manager Award Winner

2017, 2018, 2019

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Prior to joining T2 Asset Management, Paul was a financial advisor with Waddell & Reed helping clients in areas of financial planning, asset management, investment planning, and retirement planning. In addition to helping individuals, he has a passion for philanthropy and has started his own non-profit organization to support local charities.


Paul received his bachelor’s degree in Finance and Insurance from Illinois State University and is an active member of the Orland Park Chamber of Commerce.


My number one focus is to get to know my clients. All clients have different needs and objectives, and as a fiduciary, it is imperative that I have a true understanding of what they are trying to accomplish. This includes digging deep into who my clients are, what is important to them, what motivates them, their family and many other factors that help me to manage aspects of their financial life.



I utilize a process that helps my clients identify and prioritize their financial goals, pinpoint their time horizon and recognize their risk tolerance for the markets.

Then, together, we customize a financial plan that will give them the highest probability for success. I work very closely with each of my clients, making sure their goals and objectives are put first when making financial decisions.



  • Unbiased – We have no loyalty to any particular investment product or service. We customize your portfolio to fit our clients’ needs, keeping their goals and objectives at the forefront of our decision making process.
  • Integrity – Trust is essential for any relationship, especially when it comes to your money. We take the time to really get to know our clients, so we can make decisions with their best interests in mind.
  • Knowledge – We use analytical thinking when it comes to your money. It is impossible to predict the future, but in using a disciplined approach in gathering financial data, we make recommendations to better suit our client’s needs.
  • Attentiveness –We take the time to listen. In order to do what is best for our clients, we need to fully understand the details of what they are trying to accomplish. 
  • Communication – A financial relationship is a two-way street. We take pride in responding to our client's needs in a timely manner and strive to maintain consistent communication in the financial planning process.